Phases of the Moon [2.9.1]

Posted by Maria J Schulte on Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About Us: Phases of the Moon [2.9.1]
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Author: Maria J Schulte

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Phases Moon [2.9.1]

Phases Moon


Cate: Weather

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Size: 63.3 MB


Learn phase Moon most detailed accurate visualizations ever made Moon.

T shows current phase Moon, using a simulation lunar surface created's Lunar Reconnaissance mission during its observations Moon.

☽ Beautiful images Moon were made from data collected.

☽ See date, phase name, illumination percentage, distance Earth age.

☽ Swipe left forward what like future.

☽ Need full Moon? click a button full Moon.

☽ also access a calendar phase Moon date future.

☽ Press play rotate through its phases, all own.

☽ Pinch out lunar surface, pan around fingers

☽ See signs so find quickly night sky

☽ Turn full lunar atlas, locations, including landing sites, craters maria.

Developed Today. Please email me if any questions problems specific Android Free Apk Files Phases of the Moon [2.9.1] .

Moon images created/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

If Android Free Apk Files Phases of the Moon [2.9.1] a bug, suggestion, please drop us





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