Glory of Generals HD v1.0.2

Posted by Maria J Schulte on Friday, July 5, 2013

About Us: Glory of Generals HD v1.0.2
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Glory HD v1.0.2

Android Free Apk Files Glory HD v1.0.2: 2.2+

Android Free Apk Files Glory HD v1.0.2: Commander!

Over 60 campaigns battlefields War II challenge.

102 world famous generals war.

Over 300 real terrains .

Player needs adequate use terrains facilities un win advantage.

Cutting retreat route enemy great change situation.

How deploy land, naval force opponent's key strongholds question lingering's mind.

Accumulation achieved through battles guides from soldier .

Upgrade facilities headquarters essential supply war.

Recru officers force. It's important advantage officer's expertise.

Armoured troop commanded Rommel troop maximum performance.

Player any officer troop freely.

Support online multiplayer mode. Player friends through Wifi players through.

Adoption -matching tech improve chances .

3 levels learning basics.


-Campaign Mode-

Western Front Battlefield

Ax(1939.9 - 1944.6)

Allied Forces(1940.5 - 1945.4)

North Africa Battlefield

Ax(1940.5 - 1942.12)

Allied Forces(1940.12- 1943.3 )

Eastern Front Battlefield

Ax(1941.6 - 1943.5)

Allied Forces(1941.10- 1945.4)

Antarctic Battlefield(1945.9 - ???)

-35 Legion Mode campaigns

-102 world class generals participated

-128 military units available

-37 countries involved war

-36 tactical instructions

-Support -Fi link battle

-16 military ranks, 4 general assistants.

-Over 300 real terrains.

-Upgrade 6 military facilities headquarters

-Map Zoom In/Out

-Au function


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